From the Stars: How to Buy a Star from NASA

Looking for an intriquing, notable and unique gift item? Why not buy a star from NASA! It’s the best way to provide the gift in the world. It is possible to opt for any star you would like, and NASA offers you a certificate of acquisition. Here’s how to buy a star from NASA:

1.Choose your celebrity.

You may select any celebrity you want! Just be certain to choose the one that is visible from Planet. You can use a legend chart or perhaps an online instrument like Stellarium to assist you get the best celebrity. Once you’ve preferred your celebrity, you’ll must provide NASA with its coordinates. You can get these by searching for the star’s coordinates on the legend graph or online tool.

2.Check out the NASA website.

To fill out the celebrity enrollment type. You’ll should provide your contact information and the title and coordinates of your legend you’ve preferred. Once you’ve presented the form, NASA will send you a certificate of management for the new star. It’s a great way to give someone a very distinctive and out.

3.Pay for your legend

The expense of buying a star from NASA is only $19.95. You may pay by visa or mastercard, PayPal, or check. Once you’ve manufactured your transaction, you’ll become the happy manager of a genuine, are living star!

4.Receive your certification of acquisition

As soon as you’ve given money for your star, NASA will be sending a qualification of possession. The qualification would work for framework, and yes it will make a fantastic gift idea for anyone who loves astronomy or even the evening atmosphere. So now you may gaze in your star, with the knowledge that it’s your own property.


Buying a star from NASA is a wonderful way to offer the universe’s gift item. It’s special, it’s exciting, and it’s inexpensive. Plus, you’ll obtain a official document of management which enables an incredible addition to any office or home. What exactly are you expecting? Commence buying your new start off these days!