Sock it to me! Custom photo socks make a perfect gift

Maybe you have viewed some custom photo socks with someone’s deal with upon them and considered to yourself, “I would like to have some stockings with my deal with upon them!” Properly, now you can! With just a couple click throughs of a button, it is possible to turn your favorite images into custom socks that will make everybody execute a twice-consider. Here’s how:

The First Step: Find a good picture of your own deal with. This method is essential! The better the image, the higher your stockings can look. Some advice: search for a photograph where you are dealing with the digital camera directly, and then there is plenty of light. Steer clear of photos your location using sunglasses or caps, since these goods will block element of the face to make it harder to see.

Phase Two: Pick the sizing and magnificence of stockings you want. Do you want ankle joint stockings, crew stockings, or joint-high? And what dimensions should they be? You can decide on whatever dimension and magnificence you would like, but we advise team stockings in size moderate. They’re cozy and versatile, and they’ll show off the face nicely.

Move 3: Add your picture and get into your delivery info. Once you’ve found the right picture and selected the perfect set of stockings, all you need to do is publish your photograph to our site and get into your delivery information.

Phase Four: Unwind and wait around for your custom stockings to arrive! In just a week, you’ll have your own kind of socks along with your encounter to them. Every person who views them will probably be inquiring that you received them, and you can proudly say that you produced them on your own!


Developing custom made stockings with your own encounter on them is easy and enjoyable! With just a couple click throughs, you are able to turn any picture into some one-of-a-sort stockings. Get started these days!