Tips on how to improve your own online reputation

Your personal and professional lives are intertwined, and your internet reputation plays a significant role in both. Employers, colleagues, romantic interests, hiring managers, and potential business partners will most likely do an internet search on you before choosing you.
Employers look for red signs regarding your work history and talents on the Internet. Three-quarters of recruiters and HR personnel have eliminated a candidate based on search engine results, and 93% of searchers never go beyond the first page of search results.
Look up your own name on the Internet
It’s common practice for most job recruiters to do a Google search on a candidate’s name throughout the recruiting process. For information on a person, the Internet is our go-to source, and Google is the most popular search engine.
In the last few months, you have probably Googled yourself to see what your own internet reputation is like. Almost half of the folks that try it out don’t like what they discover.
Take a look at the first few pages of photographs and findings. Find out what’s visible to the naked eye. As per Francis Santa, if you can discover anything about yourself, you may be sure that others can locate old links and photographs about you as well.
Think about what a stranger could think about what you discover if they don’t know you. In the perspective of a prospective business partner or employer, anything that seems harmless and benign to you may really be detrimental and unattractive.
When someone Googles you, it’s up to you to generate a positive impression. Visit the Brand Yourself website, which shows you the simple, precise processes that the firm has established to help you analyze your own internet reputation and what you can do to improve it.
Begin a blog
Your internet reputation is boosted through blogging. Regular, relevant blog entries written effectively can display your competence in the topic you have decided to specialize in.
In order to get to the top page of Google, you must produce as much material as possible. Your name as a keyword and the content you create as a result have significant SEO value.